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Trips and places we’ve visited, especially those where we had a great time, are often remembered by their flavors. In addition to the island’s allure, wonderful sites, beaches and nightlife, what will stay with you forever are its flavors. The island’s culinary offer, similar to other Mediterranean cuisines, features a variety of dishes prepared from fresh fish and seafood, such as best quality calamari, fresh shells, octopus...and the famous island lamb. You can enjoy various fish stews, dishes and marinades, octopus with eggs, lamb with honey and many other delightful foods. Rab's fertile soil, besides abounding with delicious Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, is also well-known for organic olive production, and aromatic herbs and medicinal plants which thrive on the island. Dishes with aromatic herbs are not to be missed – enjoy them traditionally prepared with high quality wine at the island’s numerous restaurants and taverns. What about dessert? The absolute must-have is the Rab cake (Rapska torta) without which you shouldn’t leave the island. The recipe is over eight hundred years old – the cake was served for the first time in 1177 to the Pope Alexander III at the consecration of Rab’s Cathedral. As with all very old and very fine things, the recipe is a well-kept secret, although it’s known that its main ingredients are almonds, lemons and maraschino. Rapska torta is not a cake in the classic sense of the word and has to be prepared over several days, but it also lasts longer than “regular” cake and is a great souvenir to take home. Rab is also known for its excellent honey.