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About Rab island

The Island of Love

Rab Island is called the Island of Love. Whether it's love for the sea, sun and nature, love for another person, or love for it all – it’s best you find it out yourself. Beautiful landscapes, recognizable skyline with four bell towers, extraordinary hospitality of islanders... Rab is an island in the Kvarner archipelago and one of Croatia’s greenest islands. The beautiful island has 2480 sunshine hours per year. The average summer temperature is 26°C, while the average sea temperature in the summer is 24 °C.

The Town of Rab, the main settlement on the island, is an excellent example of a fortified medieval town. Originally it was a Roman settlement which received the town status in 10 B.C. by Emperor Octavian Augustus. From Rab to Kampor, which resembles ancient fishing villages and is situated near the Kalifront Forest, in a beautiful bay on a long beach, there are 5 more settlements: Banjol, Barbat, Lopar, Mundanije, Palit and Supetarska Draga. Organized tourism has been the island’s tradition for over 120 years. The first bathing spot opened in 1895, and naturism is mentioned as early as 1907.

Naturism on Rab was made famous by the British king Edward VIII, when he bathed naked in Kandarola Bay. Is Rab Island an island of love in homage to love which had cost Edward VIII his crown or to all of the love stories born or rekindled on the rocky, pebble or sand beaches of Rab? Or is it love for the sea and sun? It doesn’t matter. The Island of Love awaits you...